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The Work: Developing Higher Consciousness Newsletter


"Awake Though that Sleepest and Christ Shall Give Thee Light"

  In an ongoing effort to keep the Work alive and growing, the newsletter at this site includes information about this path towards personal development, quotes from G.I. Gurdjieff, Peter Ouspensky, and Maurice Nicoll as well as a forum for questions from readers and students, and answers from the author of "The Work", Rebecca Nottingham.
  There will also be the possibility of group meetings with Rebecca for those who are interested.  Questions relating to the Work are welcome from current students of the Fourth Way and interested newcomers. Click the green "Submit a Question" button at
  The path of the Work is for those who are not satisfied with only what life has to offer, or with themselves as they are; those who want to become more authentic and are searching for meaning in their lives. It is a path of purification designed to lead the student to a higher level of consciousness already existing within them but unattained; a state that is open to inspiration and guidance from above resulting in authentic individuality, self-mastery, and self-transcendence.  It leads one out of a self-interested, stimulus-response condition of being enslaved to external circumstances into a person of evolved Being with an elevated level of understanding and consciousness who can act independently of external circumstances, and guided by spiritual will. The path is vertical, leading upwards into the light. There is no darkness in it.
  All of the Work practices depend entirely on Self-Observation. It is self-study and self-study is the necessary beginning if you want to change the kind of person you are.  Through self-observation, you develop an Observing 'I' that can see what must be changed for you to become the self you were born to be, and in the process get closer to unity with the Holy creator of your being.