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The Kingdom of Heaven

Although no one can understand the level of life belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven, a man can understand the level of life on which he is. Everyone can see the nature of life in this world. He can see through his outer senses what is done by people on this level of life, and he can, if he looks at himself, see with his inner senses what he does. He will then see what life is like and what he is like at this level.


The Gnosis of Boris Mouravieff

The question of the destiny of our lives is very serious, as it concerns the most important question for man: for what purpose are we placed on earth?


Awakened Consciousness

No problem of greater or of more moving import confronts man than that of possible awareness of his own consciousness, the deep significance of the place he occupies in the world as a whole, and of the purpose, he should first discover and then pursue.


Jesus and the Work

The program of the Institute, the power of the Institute, the aim of the Institute, the possibilities of the Institute can be expressed in a few words: the Institute can help one to be able to be a Christian.


What Do You Seek?

Obviously, there is far more to the elusive experience we call self than just the ego. The paradox of our passage is that we really do not know what self or consciousness is, so long as we are living it, or are it. The true nature of self can only be fully disclosed when it is gone.


Awake Thou That Sleepest

Those who are spiritually asleep are consumed by the hypnotism of life. In this state of sleep they can neither know their true selves nor are they able to feel the inner call to awaken, to be born from above. They never ask, 'What must I do to awaken?


Know Thyself

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates. "Without self-knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and will always remain a slave." - G.I. Gurdjieff.


If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

What is happening in our world is nothing less than the disintegration of conventional culture, a process that is irreversible and one that constitutes humanity's moment of truth. Coming to grips with the depth of the crisis is a daunting task.


Exploring God Consciousness

There are religions that don't have a "God" per se, such as Buddhism. There is a more abstract way to think about God: that is "Transcendental Signifier" or the notion of a metaphysical first principle that organizes everything into a metaphysical hierarchy.


The Path to Peace and the Ending of Suffering

In order to become harmonious, man must develop new faculties and develop latent potentialities that can only be realized through work on oneself. There is in our life a certain very great purpose, and we must all serve this Great Common Purpose.


Making a New World

A human being is meant to serve a higher purpose, meant to be part of what is noble in the universe. A human being is meant to be able to love, a human being is meant to care in a way that comes from another level.


The Illusion of Freedom

You cannot say that you do not believe in God but believe that there is meaning in things. The two are the same, in that one cannot be without the other. God is Meaning. The word God just shuts some people's minds. The word Meaning cannot. It opens minds.


Can We Choose Not to be Angry?

The student is to reach a point where he can make the choice not to react automatically. The question is as basic as can we choose not to be angry in the face of something that makes you angry, rather than being wasted in such an outburst?


The Dark Side of Ourselves

Suffering arises from the consequences of egoism, arrogance, bragging, cunning, envy, hate, imagination, jealousy, lying, offensiveness, partiality, wishing the death of others, self-conceit, self-love, swagger, and vanity. Is this not what we see in our world?


The Work and Self-Observation

Before beginning the psychological Work of the Fourth Way, you must first have a strong desire to change the kind of human being you are; a reaching out metaphysically, seeking meaning and authenticity and growth into what you were born to become.


Are We Awake?

Gurdjieff maintained that man's consciousness is as if living in a suspended state of hypnotic sleep. "How could fully conscious people kill each other to achieve some trivial and illusive aims? Only asleep people would be able to do it."


The Multiplicity of I's

There is not an individual 'I'. Instead, there are hundreds and thousands of separate little I's, some hostile to each other, some in agreement with each other, and many completely unknown to each other.


Escape From the Prison of Yourself

There is something in us eternally young, that can understand beyond the visible world, beyond phenomenal reality, but this one thing in us is lost to us in the world of objects, and the external things of the senses and using the logic of the senses.


Awaken From the Hypnotism of Life

The Work is not a building, place, book, system or tradition. It is something living in our hearts and minds — if we can find it. Follow the path to the end, see what changes take place within you, and what light begins to dawn in you.