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August 2010 Edition of Journey to Essence

The Dark Side of Ourselves

In Talmudic lore, Samael is an archangel, a figure who is accuser, seducer and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil.  Also called Sammael and Samil, he is considered a fallen angel, equatable with Satan, the chief of the evil spirits, but nevertheless remains one of the Lord's servants.  In Jewish lore, Samael is said to be the Angel of Death, the chief ruler of the Fifth Heaven, and one of the Seven Regents of the world served by two million angels.  In Gnosticism, in the Apocryphon of John, found in the Nag Hammadi Library, Samael is the third name of the demiurge whose other names are Yaldabaoth and Saklas, and in this context, Samael means "the blind god".  And is not this "blind god", this dark side of ourselves, the source of the abnormalities manifested by those two great giants that walk before Man—pride and vanity?

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[The demiurge is a concept from the Platonic, Middle Platonic, and Neoplatonic schools of philosophy for an artisan-like figure responsible for the fashioning and maintenance of the physical universe. The term was subsequently adopted by the Gnostics.  Although a fashioner, the demiurge is not quite the creator figure in the familiar monotheistic sense; both the demiurge itself and the material from which the demiurge fashions the universe are considered either uncreated and eternal, or the product of some other being, depending on the system.]

G. I. Gurdjieff on Man's Suffering

Gurdjieff teaches many things about suffering.  He tells us that His Endlessness ("God") suffers, and that we must strive to lighten as much as possible the 'sorrow of our Common Father'.  He says that suffering arises from the consequences of egoism, arrogance, bragging, cunning, envy, hate, imagination, jealousy, lying, offensiveness, partiality, wishing the death or weakness of others, self-conceit, self-love, swagger, and vanity.  Is this not what we see being manifested throughout our world today—what Gurdjieff called 'the terror of the situation'?

Man as an Experiment

"Most people only believe in the realities of the senses.  But one's state is a far more real thing.  In ancient Indian text a conversation is reported between the pupil and Death.  Death is explaining how Man comes to die.  Death said: "God made sense turn outward; Man therefore looks outward, not into himself.  Sometimes a daring man has looked inward and found himself.  Then he is immortal."  Now the realization that one is not in space but in state only comes by means of working on oneself.  How can you work on yourself if you never look inward and notice your state, that is, notice where you really are inside?  Here is the beginning of the experiment—to separate from useless states and to remember oneself.  This is what Man, as an experiment, has to do.  Otherwise he fails." Click on Man as an Experiment by Maurice Nicoll to read the full article.

The Reason Why We Must Observe Ourselves

"We are told to practice self-observation because it can lead to becoming more aware of the influences of Higher Centers.  We cannot hear these influences because there is a kind of thick substance lying between them and ourselves.  What is this thick substance?  It is all that part of us that is unconscious to us, which we do not realize, which we are unaware of as existing in us.  As you know, it is often said that the act of self-observation lets a ray of light into our inner darkness.  This darkness is what I have just called the thick substance which will not transmit the influences of Higher Centers.  A man, a woman, must come to terms eventually with this dark side of themselves, and this is only possible through long and intelligent self-observation carried out for a definite reason and not merely as a mechanical task.  Remember all self-observation must be a conscious effort." Click on The Reason Why We Must Observe Ourselves by Mauric Nicoll to read the full article.

Personal Reflections by J. I. Meyers

This month I am honored to share an e-mail from my sister, Mary, whose blessing in my life is unspeakable, in response to my sharing an astounding recording of The Lord's Prayer by Andrea Bocelli.

The Lord's Prayer

Andrea Bocelli


This is a very beautiful rendition of the Lord's Prayer.

The plethora of news on the corruption, lying, cheating, and violence in our country is giving each individual soul a precious opportunity to examine their values, beliefs, ethics. Whether or not each accepts the gift is another matter.

We live in tough times. Disillusionment is rampant.  Many young people are choosing to kill themselves (not put in the mass media--not politically correct!), as hopes for a "good life" in "America the Great" crumbles before their eyes.

Yet the disillusionment may be exactly what's needed for people to turn their faces to God in and the Holy Spirit for guidance and answers to their questions of the seeking heart.  My prayer is very simple:

"Dear God, thank you for the gift of life and love and for the daily opportunities to learn more about giving and receiving divine love and service through this human body in this spiritual school for Souls on planet earth.  How can I align with Thy will today?  Show me Thy Ways, O God. Teach me Thy Path. Lead me in Thy Truth and guide me.  On Thee do I wait all day."

Then I sit quietly for 15 minutes with eyes closed, listen for the Sounds of God in the Golden Silence, and watch for the Light of God on my inner screen.  I wait for God to reveal ITS messages to me on how I can best give love and service, here and now, today.

I go about my daily business in this watchful, receptive mode quietly noticing the messages, whisperings, nudges, tips, hints on how to make things better for the people, animals, and environment around me throughout this day.  I practice noticing.

At night, I ask for guidance in my dreams on how I can give more love and service.  We are all so busy, busy doing and emitting that I benefit from more quiet and more listening with an open heart—"I am willing, O Creator, Source of All Life and Love.  Use me as You see fit."

With love, admiration and appreciation of you, Jeff, and gratitude for everything in life — all the apparently positive and negative experiences — all experiences, infinitely rich opportunities to expand spiritual awareness of divine love in every detail of life.


The Heart and Soul of Maurice Nicoll

"Esoteric teaching is not an imaginary thing.  It is the most real thing in the world, more real than a cheque, more real than a house, more real than another person."

Maurice Nicoll

Quote of the Month

"The psychology rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious it happens outside, as fate.  That is to say, when the individual remains divided and does not become conscious of his inner contradictions, the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposite halves.  Consciousness is one factor, but there is another factor equally important, and that is the unconscious that can interfere with consciousness anytime it pleases.  And of course I say to myself this is very uncomfortable because I think I am the only master in my house.  But I must admit that there is another, somebody in that house that can play tricks, and I have to deal with the unfortunate victims of that interference every day in my patients."

C. G. Jung

Final Thoughts

I have added a Testimonials page and a very helpful article on finding a teacher called The Use and Abuse of Teachers.

If you have any comments or questions please Click for Email Address. I trust that your journey through the website will lead you back to your Essence, back to your 'Real I'.

Know Thyself,

Jeff Meyers

The beginning of spiritual transformation is to observe our own psychology in action.

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