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The Practice of Spiritual Awakening

"To have wisdom to live, to be at peace with ourselves and others, to understand others and ourselves, to step out of a life of conflict, you have to have encountered, experienced a place within yourself, an inner sanctuary where you receive help from beyond, help from above, help from Spirit."

— Theodore J. Nottingham —

Rediscovering Christianity

Spiritual Journey Teachings

This wisdom offers a powerful blend of practices and steps necessary to experience moments of higher consciousness connecting us with the Sacred and with the experience of our True Self. Included in this material is an introduction to the spiritual system of inner Work on oneself developed by G.I. Gurdjieff and known as The Fourth Way.

The Spiritual Journey Teachings of Theodore J. Nottingham, based on over 30 years of in-depth study of the Scriptures, integrates the principles of the Fourth Way into his teachings. These messages provide practical methods for applying wisdom in daily life.

"The Kingdom of Heaven is not above, but is both within us and spread out upon the face of the earth. A mustard seed of spiritual insight nourished by spiritual practice can blossom into a true flowering of the higher consciousness that is innate within each of us." It is this "Kingdom of Heaven within" (Luke 17:21) that Nottingham asserts is at the heart of all of Christ's teachings.

"I suggest to you," says Nottingham, "that the Kingdom of Heaven is nothing less than God's living presence known to you when you can enter that state of consciousness, when you are not asleep to it. All of Jesus' teachings are processes to get us there."

"It will not be said, 'Look, here!' or 'Look, there!' Rather, the
Father's Kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people don't see it."

"There is a method to this madness of spirituality," Nottingham asserts. "Just that little bit of spiritual remembrance and application is so powerful that its ripple effect can change others and affect others, who then affect others, and thus have a powerful impact on your world today. It is the power of God in action through you."

"He is," Nottingham points out, "giving us the clues and telling us in timeless imagery how to make these gifts of God manifest in your life, how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and become one with that love which then pours out to the world, how to forget 'self' and let something more profound come forth."

"When that yearning to help another takes you beyond your 'self' and causes you to do good in the world," says Nottingham, "the Kingdom of God is at hand because you have taken that seed seriously, you have cared for it and you have let it come through in such a way that transformation occurs. Then you unite with something greater than yourself and you become a conduit for the love of God in this world."

The Practice of Spiritual Awakening

Watch of the Heart

Spiritual Teaching on
the Ancient Method
of Self-Observation

Discovering Christianity

Core Transformational
Teachings at the
Heart of Christianity

The Inner Teaching

Teachings of Christianity
and Their Power of
Personal Transformation

Christian Mysticism

Early Christian Mysticism

Ancient Wisdom on
Enlightenment & Healing
of the Human Soul

Who is Ted Nottingham?

Fourth Way Teachings

Practical Psychological
Teachings of Christ on
Living the Spiritual Life

Symbols in Revelation

Symbolism in Revelations

Spiritual Meaning of
Numbers & Metaphors in
the Book of Revelation

The Nature of Jesus

The Mystery of Jesus Being
Fully Human and Fully Divine

Psychic Fragmentation

Contradictions in Man and
His Potential for Unification

Christian Holiness

Holiness as Spiritual
Healing & Wholeness

Theosis: God-Realization

The Spiritual Foundation of
Divinization as the Experien-
tial Aspect of Christianity

The Mission of Christ

The Essence of Christ's
Mission and Purpose of
His Ministry to Humanity

Christian Community

Reflections on the
Meaning of Authentic
Spiritual Community

Esoteric Christianity

Esotericism: The Inner
Teaching and its
Relationship to Christianity

Spiritual Warfare

Teaching on Inner Spiritual
Warfare & Transformation
of The Human Psyche

Understanding Eternal Life

The Ancient Teaching
on the Spiritual Meaning
of this Misunderstood Term

Inner Work of Spiritual Awakening

Inner Work for Spiritual Awakening is an online Group to study the Fourth Way teachings, a developmental path of practical psychological instruction intended to help you know yourself more objectively resulting in increased consciousness, compassion and wisdom.

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The Art of Spiritual Awakening

Fourth Way Teachings

Recovering Our True Self & the
Journey Out of Our Negative States

Gurdjieff: Teacher of Radical Transformation

The Wisdom of the Fourth Way

Teachings on The Fourth Way


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